"Invaluable for the "modern" underwriting world! "
Richard Bryant, Ark Syndicate Management

"Not for the faint-hearted, not for the beginner. However provides invaluable actuarial background to already acquired knowledge.

Interactive Q&A throughout. Recommended."

"A new company that is filling a big hole in the training market for actuarial skills for non-actuaries."
Stuart Dale, QBE
"Excellent explanation of relevant course material."
Tim Glover, Pembroke Managing Agency


Actuarial Techniques for Underwriting Management

"A course well delivered. Very interactive case studies. Highly recommended for underwriting managers and senior underwriters."

"Excellent course which should be a must for all senior underwriters."

"Very interesting and Ana gave us much food for thought." 
Grant Le Sage, AXA

"Ana produced an excellent insight into this subject and I very much valued the clarity of explanations that brings this subject to life and clarified my understanding of the issues." 
Fine Art, Specie and Cargo Underwriter, Lloyd’s Syndicate

Reinsurance Pricing for Non-Actuaries

"Felt the course content was relevant and well put together. Very useful 2 day course."
Treaty Underwriter at Lloyd’s

"Good course, well presented. Thoroughly enjoyable and relevant for me at this early stage of my career. I have only been “underwriting” for 5 months. Thank you."
Mark Quigley, Chaucer Syndicates

"The course was very useful – as a refresher and also to get more detailed info with regard to the pricing analysis." 
Lauren Kent, Endurance Worldwide

"I really enjoyed the course. It was very relevant to every day pricing issues. In depth, clear explanations."
Anonymous, 2010 

Fundamentals of actuarial techniques in general insurance (FATGI)

"This course is highly recommended for graduates with a numerate degree who wish to pursue a career in insurance but do not necessarily wish to take the actuarial examinations. I started this course during my second week of work in the industry. Even though all concepts both actuarial and insurance were new to me, I was able to understand the lectures, follow the case studies and do the homework."
Frank Blasco, Graduate

"We have covered a lot in five days. Inevitably with such a subject it fitted between basic things that I knew and some real gems. Overall I feel it has delivered what it promised and will have been of great benefit. I found the homework very useful but very time-consuming. It would have been good to spend more time reviewing some of this."
Simon Cooper, Atrium Underwriters, 2009 

"I enjoyed the course a great deal and would recommend it to anyone operating in the London Market who would like in depth insight into the techniques used by actuaries today." 
Robert Jump, MAP Underwriting

"The course has helped lift the mystery of actuaries and terminology and helped complete the picture between practice and theory."
David Wardle, KGM, 2010 

"Suddenly many concepts I have come across in my 13 years of insurance became clear. I especially found the capital modelling extremely useful – even though my actuarial colleagues tried to explain some of the concepts to me, I did not have the full picture."
Jeanette Joubert, Chartis Insurance 

"Was a great overview – very useful information to take back and make use of back at the office." 

"Very good summary of all areas of actuarial in general insurance" 
David Foster, Chaucer Syndicates

"The content and presentation of this course was excellent. It was one of the best courses I have attended in years."

"Very useful to understand the concepts even though I did not have any previous background."
Anonymous, 2012 

Improved understanding of actuarial techniques. However, course content steamed a bit for five days, but spacing out over five weeks useful. 
Anonymous, 2010 

I found the course extremely useful. Very clear and practically focused – certainly helped to demystify many actuarial concepts. Thank you Ana! 
Hanna Metsanvirta, Mitsui, 2012 

Actuarial methods and concepts for underwriters

Very informative course. Very relevant to underwriting management and overall philosophy. 
Nigel Dorning, Amlin UK, 2010 

I found this course very helpful for my day to day life as an underwriter and also more infrequent management reports. 
Laura Wells, WRB Syndicate, 2011 

Very useful, demystified my dealings with actuaries for the future. 
Anonymous, 2011 

Very useful and relevant course for both new and experienced insurance professionals, particularly underwriters. 
Chris Webb, Pembroke Underwriting, 2011 

Basic actuarial concepts for non-actuaries

Very useful. A brilliant introduction. 
Anonymous, 2010 

Good content, friendly tutor. 
Anonymous, 2011 

Fundamentals of insurance rating

Very interactive, excellent knowledge from the presenter and easy to follow. She answered all our questions and the whole course was very informative and relevant. 
Angela Crawley, Brit Insurance, 2009 

Very useful and clearly presented. Sympathetic to the needs to underwriters. 
Anonymous, 2009 

The course was very fact based and informative. Difficult/complicated subject matter was delivered in an easy to understand form. 
Alan Groves, Brit Insurance, 2010 

It exceeded my expectations in simplifying what I thought was a complicated topic. 
Anonymous, 2011 

The teacher (Ana) was very knowledgeable and good. 
Vassil Nikolov, Brit Insurance, 2011 

A tough topic to cover but presented well in a logical and fresh manner. 
Anonymous, 2012 

Basic statistics for insurance professionals

Interesting course. Well presented, good material and relevant to the day to day job undertaken. Also good to brush up on excel skills. 
Arran Wright, Amlin, 2009 

Well put together course, good material. 
Anonymous, 2010 

Very impressed with the course content’s relevance to insurance. 
Chris Sandys, Markel International, 2010 

Excellent balance of theory and practical applications that helps the non-actuary understand the concepts. 
Treaty Underwriter, Lloyd’s Syndicate, 2010 

Thank you very much, will recommend to colleagues. 
Rama Monk, Ark Underwriting, 2010 

Very informative and at good level for experienced underwriters. 
Anonymous, 2012 

Loss Distributions, Increased Limits Factors and Exposure Curves

A really practical course which starts with the theory but spends most of the time implementing and learning "how to do it". Excellent!. 
Anonymous, 2008 

A thoroughly enjoyable, insightful course; well presented, well organised and very well run. Highly recommended. 
Anonymous, 2008 

Fabulous course showing practical use of fitting distributions. 
Anonymous, 2008 

Course was very well presented. Enjoyed it thoroughly!! Trainer was very approachable. 
Anonymous, 2008 

Really practical - not like many other actuarial based training. You will really get down to the nitty gritty. 
Sally Horrocks, Beazley, 2008 

I highly appreciate the contents and the way to explain clearly some sophisticated models. I wish MatBlas a very successful year. 
Laurent Berthaut, Munich Re, 2008 

Ana is an experienced industry practitioner and this shows in the way she presents this course. Forget the academic chaff; this is the industry practitioner’s guide to pricing. I strongly recommend it. 
Anonymous, 2008 

Very practical, very relevant, would definitively recommend to my colleagues. You learn all of this taking the exams, but it’s good to put the theory into practice. This course exceeded my expectations (and I had pretty high expectations to begin with!). 
Laura Masi, ACE European Group, 2008 

Really useful course focussing on the practicalities. 
Anonymous, 2008 

An excellent, relevant course, delivered at just the right pace. Plenty of examples and the methods were applied to realistic data sets. I would recommend this course to any actuaries or statisticians working in pricing. 
Anonymous, 2010 

Predictive Modelling Using R

Great knowledge. Very helpful. Comprehensive material. Learnt a lot and am inspired to continue and learn more. Thank you! 
Ian Thomas, First Assist Insurance Group, 2008