Our vision – Why we do what we do

The P&C Insurance Digest® is the online training academy of MatBlas Ltd, the specialist pricing and underwriting management consultancy based in London.

We believe that efficient use of time and efficient communication between all parties should be the cornerstone of every enterprise. Insurance professionals tend to focus on their area of the business (underwriting, claims, finance, IT, HR, actuarial, etc.) often working in silos. A lack a deep understanding of what others do results in inefficient meetings, increased number of e-mails to clarify matters and significant delays in completing projects.

Since 2007 we have trained over 4,000 insurance professionals working in all areas of the business and levels of skills, from first day on the job graduate to C-level executives. We know first-hand that communication significantly improves when all the parties involved in the operation of an insurance company understand common terminology, how the business works and how what others do flows throughout the organisation. This also boosts confidence and job satisfaction.

Our vision is to provide practical and hands-on technical, statistical and actuarial courses to insurance professional working in all areas of the business using easy to understand day to day language. We focus on basic and intuitive concepts, not on complex formulae.

We have fulfilled that vision since 2007 with our series of live courses “Actuarial Courses for Non-Actuaries”, but being the lead company in the world delivering actuarial courses for non-actuaries means that the demand has far exceeded our availability to deliver face to face courses with bookings often made more than a year in advance.

The P&C Insurance Digest® is the result of the increased demand for our courses from companies all over the world. In this user friendly online academy we have included foundation, intermediate and advanced courses hoping that everyone working in insurance would find something that may be of interest to them and that would allow them to enhance their technical knowledge and skills.

All our courses are developed for practitioners by practitioners. We use standard industry jargon and terminology often very different to the terminology used by academics in lectures, text books and professional examinations. Our applications and examples are all based on real life examples, using incomplete and imperfect data, when theory usually fails. Thus, delegates can always relate to situations they face on a day to day basis.

To make the learning experience easy, all courses build up from the foundation course, so prior to taking a course other foundation courses will be recommended. Courses are divided in short modules that members can watch at their own pace and in their own time and all courses include working examples on screen or on spreadsheets that delegates can download for reference.

There is no cost to join and the general membership is open to all insurance professionals (practitioners and academics subject to our Terms of Use. General membership allows you to access foundation courses at no cost and to buy individual courses.

During 2019 we are celebrating the 12th year anniversary of MatBlas Ltd and is the perfect year to launch The P&C Insurance Digest® as a way to say thank you to all the wonderful clients and colleagues that have shared this rewarding journey with us.

Sincerely yours,

Ana J. Mata, PhD, ACAS

Creative Director of the P&C Insurance Digest

and Founder of MatBlas Ltd