Welcome to The P&C Insurance Digest® - The online academy that provides technical, statistical and actuarial training for property and casualty insurance professionals

The P&C Insurance Digest™ is a user friendly online academy exclusively designed to serve the technical training needs of the property and casualty insurance industry. We offer technical courses that explain complex statistical and actuarial concepts in simple language that any insurance professional, regardless of their level of experience, can understand and apply in their day to day job.

In 2008 we launched a series of live courses Actuarial Courses for Non-Actuaries and since then we have delivered these courses to thousands of insurance professionals from first day on the job graduate to C-level executives. The P&C Insurance Digest™ bring these courses to the worldwide insurance community in pre-recorded short modules that participants can access at any time and follow the courses at their own pace.

Our courses are designed by practitioners for practitioners to help insurance professionals to connect the five R’s of insurance operations: Rating (pricing and underwriting), Reporting (management reporting), Reserving (claims), Reinsurance and Risk (Capital and Risk Management).


We use standard industry jargon and terminology often very different to the terminology used by academics in lectures and text books. Our applications and examples are all based on real life examples, using incomplete and imperfect data, where theory usually fails. Thus, delegates can always relate to situations they face on a day to day basis.

Courses have been categorised in three levels:

  • Foundation courses offer an introduction to the topic and are designed for members who are relatively new to the subject. These courses are presented in short modules lasting between 90 and 120 minutes.
  • Intermediate courses build up from the foundation course and these would be typically delivered live in one or two days.
  • Advance courses are designed for those who are already familiar with the concepts covered in the intermediate courses but would like to delve deeper in some of the topics. Case studies and examples would be delivered in Microsoft Excel and will be available for download.

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Membership to The P&C Insurance Digest™ is free, all you have to do is create an account (subject to our Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy and Cookie Policies).

There are three levels of access:

General membership is open to all insurance professionals (practitioners and academics) subject to our Terms of Use. To join simply register here.

Pay-as-you-learn membership is available to all registered members who can choose to purchase individual intermediate and advanced courses and pay for the modules they select. The modules will be available for a pre-determined duration of time, depending on the length of the course.

Corporate memberships are available to insurance and reinsurance companies for an agreed annual fee. This membership option provides unlimited access to all our online content. Corporate members may choose to customise with their brand a dedicated space within The P&C Insurance Digest. We can tailor intermediate and advanced courses for corporate members so their internal terminology is used and examples refer to their internal processes. More information on corporate memberships can be found here or contact us for more information at info@insurance-digest.com