Fees structure

Course structure and overview

General memberships include a number of foundation course at no cost. Foundation courses last between 60 and 120 minutes depending on the topic. Foundation courses are presented in short modules lasting between 10 and 30 minutes. Modules build up the concepts and therefore it is advisable to follow the course in order.

Intermediate and advanced courses are presented in modules which are sub-divided in parts, each part lasting up to 60 minutes. These courses include printable handouts and some include spreadsheets with worked examples. Intermediate and advanced courses also have optional short quizzes for knowledge testing.


Upon completion of any course a certificate of completion will be provided to the registered member stating that the course has been completed. The certificate will state that we have not verified the identity of the user and that the level of competency in the course has not been tested.

All intermediate and advanced courses have optional quizzes for self-assessment but passing these is not a requirement to obtain a certificate of completion. This certificate will state that the identity of the member has not been verified and that knowledge has not been independently tested.

Members can opt to take the same course with a formal quiz that requires attainment of a certain mark for successful completion. If successful, a certificate of competency will be issued stating that we have not verified the identity of the member but that based on the results of the test it appears that an adequate level of understanding of the topic has been achieved.

A verified certificate of completion can be arranged upon request by corporate members only if this is included in the terms of the licence.

Pay as you learn courses

Courses can be purchased individually, the fee shown includes VAT. Depending on the number of modules contained within the course, members will have uninterrupted access to the course for the specified duration. The number of days are continuous days including weekends and bank holidays. During the time a course is available to a member, all modules will be available from the start, so that member can revise concepts learned as required.

The start date of a course will be the first day the first module is accessed. When the duration of a course ends, all recordings and course material will be automatically removed from the members’ profile. However, there will be a record that the member has completed the course.

Throughout the duration of a course we monitor and record members’ activities and reports can be provided upon request.

Corporate memberships

Corporate memberships are a cost effective way to provide all courses to members of staff of all levels and disciplines within the insurance sector. Corporate members must provide all e-mail extensions used within their organisation and any person registering with an e-mail address from a corporate member would automatically be granted access to all courses available, subject to the maximum number of users requested.

Corporate members will have the option to tailor their space with their brand and logo and to tailor certain courses with their internal terminology and processes as we do for live courses. The benefits of corporate memberships are:

Fees for corporate memberships start at £1,250+VAT per calendar month or subject to a 10% discount for annual advance payments. For corporate memberships contact ana.mata@matblas.com or call +44 (0) 20 7510 9690.